Friday, April 30, 2010

Liberia as it is today

For those who grew up and remember Liberia as home, I thought I would put some more general pictures up for all of you to enjoy. Rainy season was starting, and many roads are still under repair.

The market was always fun
and and adventure every time we
went down town.

A home in Red Light area of Monrovia.

Old home on Broad Street, in Monrovia.

Home sweet home

The old pavilion where so many parties happened. I remember going to the garden party when Queen Elizabeth came to Liberia.
This has been destroyed during the war.

Home at ELWA destroyed by the war.

So much beauty, even in the rain!

Children are always one of God's most beautiful creations. They are the hope for Liberia.

Country kitchen with good chop being made for supper.

The Ducor Hotel as it is today and what it looked like in the 60's.

The ebony wall in the restaurant overlooking the pool.

Dan and I standing in front of the wall.

Overlooking the sea. The port is to the right of this picture. Notice the old Cottonwood tree.

The lighthouse at the top of the hill near the entrance to the Ducor.

The first President of Liberia, Joseph J. Robert.

The story telling wall of the freed slaves returning from the USA back to Liberia in the early 1800s.

Cannons used to call slave ships into port in the slave trading days.

The view from the Ducor

The new bridge to Bushrod Island

The Free Port in Monrovia

Driving back down the hill from the Ducor.

Tom and Dan grocery shopping at Abijodi's (Spelling?)

New shirts from Carry Street tailor shop. This is where we met the one armed ex-combatant!

The Capital Building where we visited Vice President Boykai.

The Lutheran Church where 600 lost their lives during the war.

Herbie and Dave at one of the Rallies

Destiny and Herbie in the "Sin Box" Skit

Dave receiving a plaque from YFC Liberia. We each were given one.

Corelita, a vine that grows everywhere, gracing walls with brilliant pink.

Bananas anyone! These were growing in our back yard.

Palm Nuts made into Palm butter. This tree is by our house.

Coconuts, mmmmm good!

Our beach!

Our lagoon

Yes, the crab is there!

ELWA's grave yard - Betty Geysbeek

Sydny Tarr (Anna's baby)

Elszworth Balzer

Jonathan Leuders 1957 - 1967 He doesn't have a stone with his name on it.

Aunt Clara Blane Wilson who doesn't have her name on hers either.

This tree reminds us even though there is so much 'cut down' in Liberia or even in our own lives, with God's nourishment, LIFE is still there, and fruit will still grow. Let's be challenged to live in the moment with Jesus. Don't fret about tomorrow or even yesterday. We can learn to DANCE WITH OUR SCARS!